CEFEM’s experts will help you navigate the dynamics of doing business in emerging markets, make the right decisions, and unlock growth potential.
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We take care of your business and investments in the emerging markets.
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CEFEM provides specialist advice on setting up (including company registration, tax, marketing, legal advice, local partnership) in 50+ countries of the emerging markets of Africa, Middle East and Asia.
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The Centre for Emerging Markets (CEFEM) is a leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for Information technology, Energy, Healthcare, Financial services, and Fintech. Our comprehensive offerings empower businesses and executives to make informed decisions, expand their global reach and maximize their success in the emerging markets.

CEFEM offers international, regional, and local unique services that enable companies, managers, and investors to make fact-driven business decisions and succeed in over 50 countries of the emerging markets of Africa, Middle East, and Asia. 

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Reason for Choosing CEFEM

  • Actionable Market Research
    Our research is designed to be comprehensive, accessible, and understandable. It has the highest levels of quality, compliance, and clarity.
  • Customized Solutions
    Our services meet the specific needs and goals of each client, guaranteeing maximum value and effectiveness.
  • Strong Partnerships
    We collaborate with key industry experts, trade associations and government agencies to stay abreast of market trends and access valuable resources and networks.

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    Our Basic Work Process

    Step : 01.


    Understanding client needs, objectives, and challenges through consultation, and needs assessment. Together we define the project goals and set milestones for deliverables.
    Step : 02.

    Analyze & Advise

    We conduct a customized research plan, analyze data, and provide strategic advisory services with reports and interactive workshops.
    Step : 03.

    Implementation Support

    We collaborate on implementation planning, offer continuous monitoring, feedback loops, training, and periodic reviews for sustained success.