• The Centre for Emerging Markets (CEFEM) is a premier international provider of market intelligence and advisory services for information technology, energy, healthcare, financial services, and Fintech. Our comprehensive offerings empower businesses and executives to make informed decisions, expand their global reach and maximize their success in the emerging markets.
  • Our team of analysts provides international, regional, and local solutions, international investment opportunities and trends in over 50 countries of the emerging markets of Africa, Middle East, and Asia.
  • CEFEM’s analysis and insights equip businesses, managers, executives, and investors with knowledge and expertise to make fact-driven decisions, to navigate emerging markets, enabling them to reach their objectives – thriving and succeeding in their international endeavours.
  • Founded with a clear vision and deep commitment, the CEFEM has emerged as a trusted organization in helping numerous clients do business effectively and competitively in the emerging marketplace.

Our Mission


  • Emerging markets are rapidly evolving, making remarkable progress. They, undoubtedly, hold numerous market and growth opportunities for information technology, energy, healthcare, financial services, and Fintech. However, there are numerous challenges and complexities facing companies and decision makers. Besides, emerging markets are diverse, defying a uniform narrative. Thus, to succeed in these markets, businesses and executives need to understand and navigate their dynamics. The CEFEM is here to help you succeed in the emerging markets.
  • Our mission is twofold:
  • First, to help our clients identify and define their market intelligence needs; and collect and analyse data that support their competitive and growth strategies in the emerging markets.
  • Second, to provide advisory services, personalised guidance and fully integrated client support that provide businesses, executives, and investors with impactful insights to make responsive and well-informed decisions in emerging markets.

Why Clients Choose our Services

  • We engage in evidence-based and actionable market research. Our research is designed to be comprehensive, accessible, and understandable. It has the highest levels of quality, compliance, and clarity.
  • We provide customized solutions. Our services meet the specific needs and goals of each client, guaranteeing maximum value and effectiveness.
  • We have exceptional customer services. We deliver responsive and professional customer support, building long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.
  • We have strong industry partnerships. We collaborate with key industry experts, trade associations and government agencies to stay abreast of market trends and developments and access valuable resources and networks.
  • We continuously innovate. We stay ahead of the curve by embracing new technologies, methodologies, and best practices, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry.
  • We are committed to corporate social responsibility principles. Through due diligence and integrity, we ensure that our activities are carried out in ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible, sustainable ways.

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