The Institute for Climate Change and Energy Policy (ICCEP) was established in recognition of the climate change and energy-related challenges facing the sub-Sharan Africa (SSA).
ICCEP brings together leading experts on climate change, renewable energy, and policy to develop strategies and values that engender and promote sustainable development, biodiversity preservation and poverty eradication. We believe that enabling sustainability is a collective endeavor. Thus, we form actionable collaborations with both private and public stakeholders to strengthen our commitment for the SSA region.


We base our work on the principles of respect for people and nature, integrity, inclusion, expertise and transparency.

To train a new generation of climate and energy policy innovators, environmental educators, media professionals, who will be in constant dialogue with the public and private decision-makers, government administration and civil society, thereby forming a good force for societal transformations.



ICEPSA has a clear purpose – to be Africa’s leading, cutting-edge center creating values in areas of climate change strategies and clean energy policies in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe this is an effective way of securing sustainability, and facilitating societal transformation for the SSA region.

Our Mission Agenda

To accelerate public-centric deployment of clean forms of energy by developing and disseminating strategies and policies to organizations and citizens at the local, national and regional levels.

To promote ecological citizenship as a means of engendering pro-environmental behavior and fostering collective actions against climate change.

To map paths of investing back to ecological resources as a means of sustaining the systems that support life on the planet and prosperity.

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